Happy New Year of 2021 to All!

I pray that everyone landed safely to the Year 2021 as we leave all the Bad Memories of 2020 and bring along the good ones. Time is really unpredictable, Isn’t it? All of us didn’t expect to have this Pandemic to happen. It is normal to have viruses around but to have a total Lock down and travel ban around the world is what we do not expect to happen. Indeed that the First Quarter of Last Year have become a blessings for us as we welcome to our Academy our newest members who took the in person, Live In Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan studies with us.

We are very grateful to have Julz Bolinayen of Hawaii,  Jamee Pineda of Washington DC, then Noel Zamora and Laura Castillo of Catalan Spain,  Maria Hashwell of San Francisco California and Dina Snaith of London, and our very last in person and face-to-face student who took Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan who traveled to the Philippines is Angelica Bautista of Glendale California. And after our last class with Angelica Kai, me and lakay were able to meet with Mamerto Tindungan who was a Mumbaki of Ifugao with Sir Archimedes De Leon of Tarlac to make a collaborative project with them that is supposed to be held in the beautiful Island of Camiguin (And all of this was our Before Covid 19 experience). And right after we landed down to manila from Ifugao, the news of Covid 19 and lock down has been implemented. Even there was a travel ban that affects Angelica Kai’s going back to the US. But thanks to La Union province Department of Tourism, Angelica Kai received help from them to be sent home to the states.

During the Lock Down I though that this will be the end of Hilot Academy’s operation. So what we did is we stand in front of our Altar and do the Global Healing Devotion. And through this Global Healing Devotion we have reach out people and started ministry around the world to pray for healing and assist people mental and emotional health. Indeed that the Pandemic of Coronavirus 19 is a life changing experience that it literally change how life in the world should work. All official activities are halted and even going to churches was forbidden due to the social distancing and stay-at-home policy implemented by the government locally as well as internationally. Though the Economy must continue that’s why some offices implemented work from home as well as schools do their home schooling. This was done through the help of internet, and internet providing business becomes a boom.

I never thought to bring Hilot Training online as it requires face-to-face instruction and guidance specially as it requires special attention on handling patient in providing care. But I was blinded with that thought focusing healthcare only to the Physical Body. So with the rising need in finding cure to Covid 19, we did our part by sharing what we know though it can not be consider cure as we have always taught that we do not provide cure but we prepare the individuals physical body to bring forth healing to them and affect cure. And last year during the height of the Pandemic Crisis, we were able to become a resource person to talk about Suob/Luop/Tuob as Natural Relief that been shown at Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho at GMA TV 7. You can start seeing us at the timestamp of 5:00-6:26.

As we shared our teachings to them, at the start of June 2020 we open the Academy for Online Training through our Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Training Course. We did this through the use of Google Technology using their platform Google Classroom, Google Document, Google Meet and Google Calendar. With these technology we share our reading materials, video presentation, online Quizes, and even Live Video Conferencing. This Hilot Online Training or what I call as HOT Course becomes in demand and favorable as it saves time and money in learning Hilot. The student will just learn at the comfort of their home without spending a lot of money to travel in the Philippines and pay for expensive food and accommodation. The Learning is Modular and Self Paced with 24/7 chat and call support in performing their home work studies. I did not expect that making Hilot Training Online will gain so much support from people around the world and through this training program, we have produced NCH practitioners in Ontario Canada, Singapore, Denver Colorado, Bronx New York, Hanalulu Hawaii, Kaneohe Hawaii, Cathedral City California, Palo Verde California, and soon in Oakland California and Vancouver Canada.

I did not expect that coming in to our way but there is another wave that is about to come. On the Last quarter of 2020, my former TESDA Co Trainer and Lead Assessor in the Province of Cavite called me up to inform me that a well known personality and former Government Official wanted to do a project with us. The project will be in the Province of Cavite but it will have an International Operation. But this will happen probably After Covid 19, when everything is already safe specially to travel in and out of the country.

So this year will be just little bit the same as last year but the only difference now is that we are already aware about Covid 19. We already get to use the New Normal which equip us to know the do’s and don’t to socializing and gathering. We make sure to become Covid Free by observing Basic Health Protocols. Wearing Face Mask and Face Shield when going out of our home becomes a necessary now-a-days. Hand Washing and proper body hygiene is a must. Eating Immune Boosting food to keep us healthy. And as much as possible we observe Physical Distancing.

This Year for Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, we will remain as an Educational Ministry of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. in promoting Philippine Traditional, Natural and Indigenous Healing Arts and Spirituality. As a Seminary we are about to make improvement to our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan or Binabaylang Hilot Training Course, and that is to make the training course into 3 tiers.

The Qualities of Becoming a Hilot Binabaylan or Binabaylan Hilot

So from this year, we are going to implement this changes when all is ready. In order to become a Hilot Binabaylan, one must possess all the Qualifications we have set here. The First one is the Magtatawas (this name or terminology can still be modified until a good word or name is found) Course, we already are doing this and train people under the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working. This course will train individual to become proficient in Traditional Filipino Diagnostic Methods such as in Spiritual Diagnosis which is popularly known as Pagtatawas, Pulse Reading and other methods that we have developed such as the Kilubansa Elemental Name Energetic Balance Analysis and Sibulan Adlaw Tala Mystic Oracle Divination. In this field of Pagtatawas, the Hilot Binabaylan gathers relevant information from the patient to determine the cause of illness and in order to prepare and plan appropriate treatment in affecting cure. The Magtatawas must be able to determine if the illness of the person has physical nature or spiritual cause.

Patient Tatay Ricardo of Fairview, QC

The Next Qualification of Hilot Binabaylan is on becoming a Manggagamot. The word “Gamot” is a tagalog for Medicine thus being a Manggagamot means the one who applies medicine. The effectiveness of the Manggagamot depends on the recommendation of magtatawas as the medicine to apply by a Manggagamot relies on the findings of the cause of illness by the Magtatawas. The Manggagamot is a sort of technician who use their knowledge in affecting cure. The cure can be a Physical technique of applying Touch Manipulation such as pagpapahid, pagpupunas, hagod, pindot, pisil, piga of which common Filipino know this as the Art of Filipino Hilot Wellness Massage. Other technique can be also use such as Bentusa, Pagbibigkis, Pagsasala, Dagdagay and many other techniques which could help in recovery and affecting relief and cure to the patient.

And next to that is the Mananambal Course or the Albularyo Course which will enable the Hilot Binabaylan to become knowledgeable in the application and manufacturing of Herbal Cure. In this training course, we will share our knowledge to our Hilot Binabaylan on how to determine the healing properties of each herbs through communicating with the Plant Medicine Spirits. It will also be shared in this course the different preparation we can make and the application of herbs to affect cure.

As of this moment, we are still working this out and you might consider enrolling to our Magtatawas Course which will open this 24th of January 2021. To register, kindly click on the link for Hilot Online Training for registration. And we also have our Membership Site at BuyMeACoffee.Com where we share our knowledge about Filipino Magick. Consider becoming a member which only cost USD 50.00/ Year or USD 5.00/Month. You can also support us by donating as low as USD 1.00/post view.

Or you can always support us here by making a donation so that we could continue our work of research to develop our Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Spirituality and Healing Arts. You can make donation to our Shrine by scanning our QR Code Below.


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