Stressed with CoViD 19?

Free your self from the fear of getting infected. Stay at home and you’ll be safe. Make sure that all areas of your house are clean. Don’t stock up with so many things in your house as it invites many creatures such as pathogens or disease bringing micro organism get inside your house. Hoarding so much food will invite creatures that will spoil or decompose your stuffs. So as too much toilet papers and other products will invite rats and cockroaches. Just stay calm and covid 19 will not enter your house as long as you practice mindfulness.

Detoxify your self and strengthen your immunity. You can practice what our ancestors does in protecting them selves from any disease and evil spirit. You can do a self care Suob/ Palina in your house either doing it steam or dry.

Palina Ritual

Technically Suob/ Palina is a Hilot Treatment that induce sweating and perspiration either through steam vapor or dry fumigation. According to Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, Creating false fever can cure any disease. Accordingly, Fever is our body’s natural response to pathogens or disease causing bacteria or viruses. Thus heat produce by our body helps maintain good health and wellness.  Heal is also a response to the rise of temperature within our body.  Suob/Palina creates artificial fever by rising body temperature that helps our body fight pathogens within us.

Sweating and Perspiration is a natural reaction due to the rise of temperature within our body. Usually, sweat contains water and various salts and other substances.  Sweat is a waste product made by our body.  And it needs to expel out from our body so that it will not become toxins.  Toxins are poisons and are dangerous to our health and wellness.  Suob   helps sweating process to detoxify our body from poisons that can be found inside our body.

Hilot Suob/ Palina treatment is governed by the Principle of Heat Therapy. Heat is a therapeutic agent used for healing. Induced heat by suob can be called artificial fever. During a Fever, the functioning of the immune system is stimulated, while the growth of bacteria and viruses is forced to slow down.  The production of white blood cells, the primary agents of the immune system, is increased, as is the rate of their release into the blood stream.  The generation of anti-bodies speeds up, as does the production of interferon, an anti-viral protein that also has powerful cancer-fighting properties.


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