Hilot in Camiguin Island

It is an island province in the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometers off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is geographically part of Region X which is the Northern Mindanao Region and formerly part of Misamis Oriental Province.

The name Camiguin is derived from the native word Kamagong which is a specie of Ebony tree that thrives near Lake Mainit in the province of Surigao Del Norte, the region from which the early inhabitant, the Manobo’s came from. Manobo’s are Indigenous People that comes from Northern Mindano which are known as The River People. It is derived from the word “Mansuba” which means man or people, and “suba” means river. It is said that Manobo people are great hunter and as well as a healer.

I found a story on the Internet that narrates how the Manobo People originates and you can found the info at Things Asian.

According to the Story  the Manobo’s were lead by two brothers: Mumalu and Tabunaway, they lived by the Banobo creek, which flowed into the Mindanao River near the present site of Cotabato City. In the 14th century Sharif Kabungsuan, a muslim missionary, arrived from Johore, to convert the people of Mindanao. Tabunaway did not want to convert to Islam but told his younger brother not to reject the Muslim Faith. Tabunaway and his followers moved up the Pulangi River to the interior of Cotabato, they decided to part ways and in the years to come established their own tribes. These groups retained their indigenous beliefs, practices and the name of their original site, Banobo, which eventually became Manobo, the descendant’s of Mamalu became the Maguindanao.

It is nice to know that the people of Camiguin are descendants from the Manobo Tribe which also connects to my lineage that my Paternal Ancestry comes from Surigao Del Norte.

From June, July and August of 2020, Hilot Academy will explore the Beauty and Wonders of Camiguin Island as we will conduct our very first Halikana Workshop as conceived by our friend Archimedes De Leon.

The workshop that is to happen in Camiguin Island will be a collaborative work and effort coming from our Elders and Great Healers of our Time.

Mamerto Tindongan is an 8th Generation Mumbaki from Brgy. Kinakin, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines. He was known for his work as wood sculpting, Blacksmith, Qi gong/ Tai Chi/ Yoga Instructor and have developed the Ifugao Farmer’s Qigong known as Umuwachiyan Chi Nitaguwan.

Apung Lagitan is also the initiator of “Self Healing through Shamanic Journey “.

Lets get to know more about Apung Lagitan as we watch this Video.

Mamerto speaks about a particular blessing called Gopah in Ifugao

I hope that everyone will come and experience the great collaboration of our Indigenous Healers in Camiguin Island, Philippines on June- August 2020.

For more details you may visit our Facebook Event Page by clicking on the link.

Babaylan Studies in Camiguin


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