Nature provides us a Cure

In Philippine Herbalism applied by Hilot, it is believed that the type of illness that is contracted in a particular area is somewhat dependent on the environmental conditions. The herbs that grow in that particular area take on the characteristics of their environment resulting in the production of certain adaptive plant chemicals that may strengthen the individual tolerance to that particular environment.

This only means that the herbs that grows naturally in our community can be used to treat to the illness that the people suffer in that particular areas. But now-a-days such as the Spread of CoVid 19 it becomes a world epidemic that brought fear to everyone.

To a Manghihilot, there is always cure to every illness. This is also true to medical doctors. But if we treat illness with fear, naturally the person who suffer from illness will die than survive.

If Covid 19 is a man made disease, then man can create cure to this. But if it is from Nature, then Nature had already provided cure to this disease so there is nothing to be afraid of.


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