Hilot as Inclusive Healing modality

Traditional Hilot accepts patient who comes to them regardless of their social standing, language, culture, tribe,color or nationality as long as they come to seek relief from their illness and suffering, the Manghihilot is always ready to share the healing powers of Hilot when invoked in time of needs. So as the Academy also accepts people of all colors around the world who want to learn either through curiosity or intention the Sacred Healing Arts and Science of our Ancestors which is Hilot.

Noel and Laura activating their Hand Chakra through paper folding exercise.

It is not the first time that Hilot Academy welcome Spanish people to learn our Traditional Medicine. We have first Jose Miguel Zurita from Madrid, Spain; then Ita Montero of Santiago, Chile; and Now we have Noel Zamora and Laura Castillo who are both from Catalan, Spain.

We all know that for more than 300 years that Spain had colonized our country and had made humongous change to our people from our culture and tradition as well as to our religious beliefs, and now we have Spanish speaking people to learn what we have kept and preserved for a long time.

Noel and Laura doing Dagdagay Foot Massage

Amazingly as we recall our History, many of our famous revolutionary icons of that era sought refuge from Mother Spain while the Spaniards in the Philippines are doing abuses to the local Indio of that time. This made me think that it is not the Spain as a country who do abuse, but the people who are in power who make abuse. Such as Noel and Laura of Catalan, they shared to us that at this present moment the People of Catalan are seeking independence from Spain. Their reason is that the People of Catalan have their own Language, Culture as well as their own Spiritual belief.

Hilot is not political but it can be a liberating modality that could help you to have a sound mind and body. As it allows you obtain the right range of motion as well as the bio chemical composition in your body through the herbs that been employed during the Hilot treatment. Hilot does not discriminate anyone whether for treatment or learning. What we only require is for you to have an open mind and willing body to receive the healing effects of Hilot in your life.


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