Can i take a bath after having Hilot?

Hilot is the cure for Pilay. Pilay is an illness that can be caused by Lamig (Cold), Hangin (Air), Ipit (to be clipped or get caught in between) such as Ugat (in our Language it may mean Nerve, Capillary, Veins or Artery) and sometimes the muscle fibers also get caught in between or clipped, or Bali (Break or crushed).

PM LigoThis morning i received an appointment for Sprained Ankle which the patient describes as ipit ugat or clipped nerves. It is necessary for me to see the client so that i could palpate the area which gives pain to the client to assess if the pain is caused by clipped nerve or muscles. And after she describes her condition she asked if she could take a bath on the next day.

I said it depends on the severity of the condition. But why do patient are not allowed to take a bath after having treated with Hilot specially in having Hilot Pahid Treatment?

fb_img_1550276382166-2094069086.jpgFirst of all in having a Hilot Pahid Massage Treatment, the manghihilot apply a herbal medicated oil in your body that needs to penetrate your skin to absorbs its healing properties. The oil is rubbed to fresh green leaves such as the banana leaf and heated it over the flame of fire to add up the therapeutic value of the oil. Washing it out immediately will lose the therapeutic properties of the medicine applied.

Secondly, Hilot Pahid procedures apply deep pressure that creates it heat through friction in the skin surface. Through this deep pressure and rigorous movement of the hand to your body expels the cold syndrome that makes your blood circulate freely throughout your body. Applying cold to a hot surface will make a burst that can harm your body such as in the video experiment below.

Hilot Pahid is a wonderful treatment that can cure our illnesses. Whether our illness comes from Pilay Lamig, Pilay Hangin, Pilay Ipit or Pilay Bali. In Hilot we assist the body to heal it self. The movement and strokes of the manghihilot towards the body of the patient activates the patients own healing ability to heal them selves. So taking a bath immediately after the treatment is like removing the charger cord to our phone and not being charge in the right amount.

hilotAfter having Hilot Pahid Massage, allow our body to absorb all the medicines being applied unto us for at least a minimum time of 3 hours to 8 hours maximum. I understand that there is a sticky feeling after the treatment because of the oil that been applied to your body. Accompanying the sticky feeling is also the scent or aroma of the coconut oil blended with herbs.  So the next time you will have Hilot Pahid Massage, ask your manghihilot first on your condition so that you will know how long you are not allowed to take a bath or get wet.


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