Baby Hilot


This afternoon a Grand Mother came to me telling that her grand son has cold hands and feet. The child has Fever and Coughing. I ask the lola if she want me to come with her to treat her Grand Son. The Lola want to but she is hesitating because they don’t have money. I tell her no problem, don’t worry about the money. Right now you are already worried about the health of your grandson and we will remove your worry by making your grandson well again.


The Lola brought her grand son and as i see the young boy (which is 2 years old) i see him look sleepy and weak. The mother told me that the baby wants to eat but when he does he vomit out what he eat.  I took the child into my lap and start to hold his hand. It is hot. So i ask the mother to remove the child clothes and i apply healing oil first to the chest to help the baby breathe well. Then i do the procedures for Baby Hilot. As i do the baby start to cough and becomes active. As i finish my touch the baby get well already.

19399774_1513787888695533_6125242550124424865_n.jpgI believe that all Parents must know how to perform basic hilot to their family. Since Hilot is a form of healthcare that is full of love. I remember that my mother giving me hilot when i was still a young boy. And i know a Father who enroll a course in Baby Hilot to take care of the gift that they have received which is a Son. Learn how to give Hilot to your Family by enrolling a course with us. Send as a message to know the details of this course.


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