Stay Awake in Hilot

hilotCompared to having a regular western spa massage where you can fall asleep during the session, in Hilot you are forbidden not to fall asleep. I wonder why in Hilot you are not allowed to fall asleep while in regular massage you can?

Obviously in Hilot Pahid Session it requires interaction with the provider as s/he confirms the body part that is painful. For example you have a sprain on the ankle, the Manghihilot will exert pressure on a certain point on the ankle and will ask confirmation from the patient the level of pain. The Manghihilot will do repetitive pressure until the level of pain subside until it is gone.  So the treatment in Hilot Pahid requires full attention not only by the provider but also with the receiver of Hilot.

Aside from being confirmatory nature of Hilot Pahid treatment that is why you are not allowed to sleep, it is also believed that when you sleep your soul wonders away and the purpose of Hilot is to retrieve back your wondering soul why you are consciously awake. So the next time you visit a Manghihilot, you will know if the provider is an Authentic practitioner if you receive hilot pahid fully awake.


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