Vitex Negundo aka Lagundi

Yesterday i harvested some of our Lagundi through trimming and have collected its flowers to make a tincture syrup.

I added giner, peppercorn, cloves and honey and let it sit for 30 days.

Vitex Negundo or Lagundi has anti inflamatory, astringent, anti bacterial, anti fungal, analgesic, alterant, depurative, rejuvenating and stomachic properties.

These descriptions sounds too pharmaceutical but in short Lagundi has many medicinal properties that could help your medical condition. In fact Lagundi is one of the 10 approved Medicinal Herbs by the Philippine Department of Health.

So Lagundi is not just a natural food suplement but it is categorized as Herbal Medicine.

On this formula that we make, it is good to use for diarhea, cholera, fever; and diseases of the liver as well as cardiac tonic.

It is also found that Lagundi has anti oxidant activity atributed to the presence of Phenolic compounds like Flavanoids and Flavonols. It is also considered as Anti Anxiety herbs and also been found to possess Anti RT substances that has beneficial treatment for HIV 1.


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