The Art of Ritual for Healing

Early this morning I made a phone call to one of my long time Collegue in Hilot Advocacy. In our conversation we have talked about Orasyon and the essence of rituals in Hilot.

Most people dislike hilot because of its ritualistic and non scientific approach as it was reported to me. But as i stand that Hilot is an Art and Science of Healing. What they didnt know that Government Scientific agencies have not put time and effort in explaining the process of healing which hilot employs in their practice.

Such as the local herbalist of Siquijor find it difficult for them to apply for FDA License on their herbal potions amd medicine due to the non availability of their presence in the said province.

If Government Scientific Agencies are really willing to advance Hilot as Philippine Traditional and Natural Medicine, they will put their 100% support in the promotion of Hilot.

Going back to topic of Hilot Orasyon and its ritual, most people limit their mind that rituals are all religious and spiritual acts but what they didnt realize is that almost everyone are doing rituals.

As i started today’s lesson in tawas, i ask Bonn of what he personally think about rituals and its importance in daily life. Rituals are set of actions done by a certain person to obtain certain result to enhance their life. Such rituals when we wake up in the morning that we make a stretch, go to the bathroom, drink coffee and eat breakfast to start our day.

In Hilot, we do actions so that we may touch our patients consciousness that we are sharing our time and effort in bringing back wellness into their life.

Prayer is one of the set of rituals we do in performing hilot. Prayer as it was defined is a form of communication addressed to Divine acknowledging the power to heal. But prayer is not limited in communication with the Divine. It is the use of constructive words to create positive vibration to the one who will hear it.

By using words that we voice out, it will follow the principles that says: “Anything that comes in to our mouth may benefit or harm our body; and anything that comes out to our mouth may benefit or harm others soul.”

With regards to the last word that been stated, we use the word soul which cab be traced to the greek word Psyche which the word Psychology and Psychiatrist came from. This is the same reason as Hilot Provider we also study the souls of man in order to provide proper treatment to our client.

To know more about Hilot and how it could help your emotional and mental health, we encourage you to learn Tawas in our academy by calling +639952467040 or email us at


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