Chilean Hilot Curador

I an advocate in moving Hilot to be recognize as the Traditional and Natural Medicine in the Philippines. This healing modality that we Filipino have is a National Treasure that we could be proud off. Though many people still have little understanding of what Hilot is all about, there should be someone from us need to stand to tell what real Hilot is all about.

Hilot as i always tell and becomes my battle cry that it is not a Massage but it is our very own Traditional and Natural Medicine in the Philippines; and when it is studied by a non Filipino it becomes Alternative and Natural Medicine.

As an advocate of Hilot in order for my message to be heard, i need to teach Hilot for a cost in order for Hilot to be popularized again. Spa and Massage center are giving Hilot a wrong reputation by making hilot like massage. Now-a-days even the freelance massuers claims to be a Hilot and even some massage professionals obtain National Certificate for Hilot Wellness Massage but not the Traditional and Natural Medicine itself.

Today, i am so proud to say to the world that our Hilot Binabaylan have produced a new practitioner that is native of Santiago, Chile and her name is Bernardita Montero.

Bernardita Montero or Ita as she want to be called is a Chilean Theater Artist, Dancer and a massage provider. She traveled to the Philippines to enhance her knowledge and skills in Natural Healing Arts and Science.

Ita took a course with us and become proficient in Pulse Reading, Tawas, Hilot Hygiene, Pagsasala, Bentusa and MasaHilot.


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