Doing our part

For some, voting for local official is just a waste of time; but for me it is worth spending time and effort in doing so. My vote equates to the welfare of our Nation.

As Hilot, we value our hands in healing people illness; and with our hands during election time we are healing our land by voting.

It is not only our hand that works in writing the name of the local officials in the ballot paper but also our mind and our heart.

In giving massage, we have taught that our hands is the extension of our heart and our mind; so as during election it is our hand that writes and it becomes the voice of our heart and our mind to elect the right person to govern our community.

This is what my father have given to me so as my ancestors. People of all colors will benefit to my vote, not only the officials that i elected nor the constituent of our barangay but also to all foreigners who desire to experience living with us.

If you think that Barangay Election is not so important, then think again. Our barangay system has also the executive, legislative and judicial function. Through the welfare of our Barangay the City/ Municipal Government move, so as the provincial, regional and national government.

It is through the Barangay the national government was formed, and without a single Barangay there will be no municipality, city, province or even a nation.


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