Hilot: Our Natural Medicine

When we feel something wrong in our body such as aches and pain, most of us find it convinient to take synthetic pills for relief. But what we did not know that this synthetic pills we are taking bcan cause more damage to buour internal yorgans than we thought that i give curiie.

Months ago, i have client who complain about her condition of always feeling sick and weak inspite of the fact that she is taking a comercialized natural pills food suplement that promise to boost the immune system.

When i ask her if she see her doctor before buying the food supplement and prescribed it to her, and her response is not.

She bought it because she saw it in TV Commercial and according to the commercial and even on the product label instruction it was safe to use.

But when i check her pulse through our Hilot Scanning, almost 70% of her body organ decrease function after taking the so called natural food supplement as advertised on TV.

The result of my diagnosis alarms me a lot. Though i explain that i am not a western physician but only a Traditional and Natural Physician, i gave her recommendation to stop taking the pills in two weeks time.

And when she come back after two weeks as recommended, all the vital organs is restored its function.

No more diarhea. Headache. And more energy at work.

Here we could say that Hilot can maintain our Optimum Health and Wellness in non invasive and natural ways.


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