Kilubansa Healing

Kilubansa is the Filipino God of Healing. Though there are no written record about his origin, some sources only mention him as the Father of Dihas the Goddess of Medicinal Herbs.

In Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. we have worked out and revive the beliefs in the old Filipino Gods by making their presence known at this present time through working with their energies.

Since Hilot Academy pay patronage to Kilubansa, thus the healing method named after the God of Healing immerged.

If we look at the name of kilubansa, it is a complex word formed by combination of two independent root words.

First word is kilu which is a word refering to the measurement of weight; and the word Bansa which refers to a name of a country. But meditating on the Word Bansa, it is not only it refer to a Country but to the word Bansag which means name.

Thus Kilubansa Healing is a method of balancing elemental energy that can be found in the name of the person.

It is believed that our personal names carries the energy that the universe has given us and through our name we will determine also our life Purpose. In Kilubansa Healing, we can also determine through our names the elemental ingredients that we are made of.

The whole name of the person represent the Earth element, while the vowels represents the elements of air, fire and water.

To know and experience Kilubansa Healing, you may leave comment below or send me an sms at +639952467040.


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