Why do we consult with Magtatawas?

Tawas is a Filipino divinatory method employed by a Babaylan to foretell an Omen. It is also used as a Diagnostic tool during the precolonial times to detect the cause of illnesses. In ancient times, our ancestors believed that Humans may suffer 2 kinds of illnesses; the first one is of Physical cause and the other one is of spiritual origins. The video below is a discussion that we took at Hilot Online Training under the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class.

Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class is a certification training program offered by Hilot Academy of Binabaylan that will make our students to become a Certified Magtatawas/Magaanito/Pangutanahan/ Pangatauhan which will serve the role of a Babaylan as a Mystic. A new class cycle will start on October 24, 2021. If you want to join the class, kindly fill up on our registration form by clicking on the link below.

Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class


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