Herbal Medicine in Hilot

Training provider teach Hilot in acronym form specially in TESDA. Many have taught Hilot as an acronym for Halaman (Herbs), Init (Heat) , Lamig (Cold), Orasyon (Prayer) at Tubig (Water). But in Hilot Academy we teach Hilot as Halaman (Herbs), Init (Heat), Liwanag (Light), Orasyon (Timing and Prayer) and Tubig (Water). Since the first letter that we can find in Hilot is about Herbs, Hilot Academy teaches Herbal preparation for treatment. The usage of herbs may go externally which means that you apply the herbs to your skin for treatment or internally which you literally put the herbs inside your body through the mouth and digest it.

In taking herbs internally we usually take it as a tea or salad and the modern version is we take it in capsule or tablet form. Between the two i prefer to use the tablet as it work faster than in capsule form.

Learn more about Healing Herbs and its preparation to use as a medicine by enrolling with us to our Herbal Hilot Class.


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