The Power of will to heal and get healed

It’s rainy day and today in our class i have talked about the power of will to heal and get healed.

I mentioned to our manghihilot in traning that even how much powerful the healer is if the client is not willing to get well it will not get healed.

As hilot, our willingness to heal is shown by accepting patient/client to be healed through us. But we can see also the willingness of the patient/client to be healed if the patient/client exert their effort in coming to the Hilot Center to be healed.

In accessing to the Modern Conventional Medicine, as Patient we go to the Doctor to be cured. So as we as the Traditional and Natural Medicine Provider, we need our patients participation in their healing process not only spending amount of money but also their time and effort going to our center.

The Hilot Binabaylan is a professional that has an upgraded standards of serving our knowledge, skills and expertise in healing.


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