Stress Free Healing Modality

In the olden times (but not that too old enough because im just recalling my memories of having a hilot when i was child) there are no Hilot Center or establishment people could go anytime. We go to the hilot house and there we ask and recieve treatment directly.

Hilot does not do home service unless the situation of the patient is bed ridden or when the expected mother is about to deliver birth.

No scheduling. No appointment. People just go to the hilot house and get the treatment right away.

The Hilot provider stays in their home and make their home as a sanctuary of healing, health and wellness. 

Hilot in order to be an effective healer, S/he stays in his/her home and consecrate it as their healing center. 

At home the tools of healing are accessible even the access to spiritual powers are present because the Home of the Hilot is the access point of the Diwata and Anito.

Now-a-days, the so called hilot treatment are commercialized in Spa Centers but it lack the touch of Spirituality of our Ancestors that Hilot is the Gift of the Divine for the Common People of the world. 

The Hilot devotes his/her life in implementing the law of nature in her/his personal life as well as to the life of the patient.

The Hilot relieve stress, so the Hilot must also stress Free. 


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