Hilot Academy in First English Global College

On June 2, 2016- the Hilot Academy team went to Cebu to present Binabaylan Hilot to the CEO/ President of First English Global College Mr. Honda Shoji.

We left manila by 4am and arrived Mactan International Airport by 7am. From the airport we ride Taxi going to Brgy. Soong Mercado to spend the time since we are still early for our 9am Appointment.

DSC_0023Then by 8:45am from Soong Mercado, we met Billy a 15 Year old boy Pedicab Driver who brought us to First English Global College at Vista Mar Subdivision, Dapdap, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.


First English Global College is an English Language School for non English speakers that been manages by a Japanese Corporation reaching out to south east asian developing countries. With regards to that Hilot Academy share it vision of reaching out to the College, since all of us know that Japan is leading in terms of modern technology we in the Academy takes that opportunity to cooperate with the College in helping our neighboring countries for conversational English as well as in promoting our very own Philippine Traditional Hilot.

By 9 AM, we are welcomed by Ms. Sonoda Chiharu an Administrative Staff of the College and greeted by Mr. Honda Shoji. As soon as we met Mr. Honda, we do not waste time so we proceeded immediately to our purpose of presenting Hilot Wellness Massage as one of the Curriculum to be offered in the College.

I, Apu Adman and my Wife Kayoko had a great opportunity of presenting Hilot Binabaylan by treating the CEO/ President himself Mr. Honda Shioji.


We explain first what is Hilot and the procedures it takes in having a treatment. I first demonstrate to Mr. Honda our traditional alternative wellness analytic system (Tawas) by employing the Kilubansa Name Energetic Balance Analysis then followed by traditional diagnosis of Egg Scanning Tawas.

As i explain the method, my wife Kayoko san translate every word i said into Japanese for better understanding of our Audience and everyone was impressed and find that Egg Tawas is an interesting experience.

Then after the Egg Tawas, i did the Banana Leaf Scanning or Pagsasala and Paghihila procedure. The purpose of this is to suck off the toxins in the skins while replacing it with pure Oxygen that is present in the leaf.

And as usual, the Hilot Masahe commenced after Tawas Reading

and lastly after the presentation, we had an opportunity to have a Group Selfie in front of the College.



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