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Water Kefir Drink

Kefir contain different strains of good bacteria & yeast to keep our Body Healthy. WATER KEFIR DRINK is 100% All Natural Ingredients High in Nutrients, rich in Minerals & Vitamins by SATRIM. Water Kefir infused with MULBERRY a Fermented, Carbonated and Probiotic Drink with a lots of Health Benefits. “Studies suggest that it boosts your Immune System, aids in Digestive Problems, Improves Bone Health and may even Combat Cancer.” Amazing Healthy Benefits of Drinking WATER KEFIR: • Fantastic Source of many Nutrients • Contains a wide variety of Bioactive compounds, including Organic Acids and Peptides that contribute to Health Benefits. • Rich source of Calcium, Protien, Vit. B, and Vit. K2 • Water Kefir is a Powerful ProBiotic • These microorganism may influence Health numerous ways, Aiding Digestion, Weight Management and Mental Health. • Protect against Infections • Antibacterial properties • Improve Bone Health and Lower the risk of Osteoporosis • Protective against Cancer • It may help with various Digestive Problems. Additional Health Benefits of Drinking WATER KEFIR infused with Healing HERBS: * Minimizes Food Intolerance * Contains Minerals & Vitamins * Reduces Allergic Reactions * Water Kefir is an Energy Booster * Anti-Inflammatory Properties * Water Kefir Contains Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Antioxidant & Antibiotic Properties * Lowers the Risk of Diabetes * Used as a Treatment for Asthma * Helps in Building Bone Density for ORDER

150.00 ₱