Sacred Modality of Healing

In Hilot Academy we don’t just share our knowledge with our students but we also learn as we interact personally with each one of our potential Manghihilot. Indeed that Hilot is the Philippine Traditional Medicine, but our Medicine is not solely exclusive for the Filipino. It also welcome other people of different color, language, ethnicity and race. Hilot is an inclusive modality where anyone can experience from it. And through experience people learn the ancient science and art of Hilot. Before starting to learn the techniques of Hilot, it is important that the individual experience it first so that they may understand well the awesome wonders of this modality and how it will help people improve their lives.

Since Hilot deals with the Life Force with every individual, throughout the ages people thought that Hilot involved Spirituality. Indeed that Hilot is the gift of the Divine to Humanity, so it is appropriate for the practitioner to give credit to the Diwata or Divinity that gave Hilot to the world. There are some people who will neglect this part on giving Hilot but when they do it will not become Hilot anymore. It will just be like any ordinary massage where you can have in Spa or Massage Center.

The Teachings of Hilot requires Discipline as it teach each individual practitioner to provide Hope and Happiness, Inspiration, Love, Optimism and Trust. With these virtues that Hilot shares to the world, one must also build up relationship to the Ancient Filipino God who teach Hilot to our Ancestors. It is through the Divine Providence of the Diwata that the Sacred Science and Art of Hilot has been preserved through the colonization.

During the Sharing Time with our French Students weeks ago, i have realized that we as Filipino are blessed enough that even we undergo through colonization we have managed to preserved our identity and have brought Hilot to the modern world.  As i meditate on this realization, i found out that our Love for our Ancestors made Hilot to survive the force of colonization and change in our country. It is also through our resistance, our Ancestors have fought for our Freedom and liberation. Hilot have survived as it has been passed by our ancestors to their children. It has not been taught academically but through practical application or actual giving of hilot to treat illness that it have come into our present time.

Now-a-days the Medicine of Hilot is struggling again with the rise of Modern Medicine and Commercialism. The new world adopts Hilot and have brought wrong information to the world that Hilot is the Filipino Massage whereas Massage is just one of the many modality that Hilot does. Commercialism breaks down Hilot and disregard the Spirituality of Hilot. Educational Institution standardize the practice of Hilot and it was categorized under Massage because it can be a great source of income opportunity. Whereas in fact Massage Industry in the whole world is already suffering with the infection of prostitution in its practice as some practitioners have entered the personal zone of limitation and also have disregard the barriers of professionalism and personal ambitions.

In Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, we will strive to make and maintain Hilot as a Sacred Modality of Healing. We are making Hilot to become an opportunity for the individual to get to know themselves and connect them through Hilot to their creator. Through hilot the each individual mind, body and spirit will be harmonized as one that will help them to achieve their ultimate purpose in life.

As Manhihilot, you will take the role of a Priest to the old Filipino God which is the Diwata. Through the manghihilot, you will become a medium between the individual to his/ her higher selves and their ancestors. You will also mediate for the persons to the nature spirits and obtain their blessings of Wellness through their healings herbs and fruits. As manghihilot, you do not just heal the body but also you heal the environment where the individual lives.

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