​Why need to learn Pulse Reading?

As a Primary Health Care Provider, it is our goal to maintain optimum health and wellness of our client/patient in sustaining life. 
And one of the signs of Life is the Pulse.
Our Pulse is the sound that produce by hour heart to signify the activity of life that is within us. 
As you can see what i write, Pulse is the sound of our heart, which our hands could feel.
Learning to analyze pulse does not only teach you to determine the activity of our clients internal organ, but also train the practioner to activate their psychic senses by becoming sensitive to the activities of life within the Body.
Hilot Wellness is not just the Traditional Healing Arts and Science of the Philippines but it is also a socio-cultural and spiritual heritage of the Filipino People.
Learning the art and science of Hilot initiates you to be proficient in spiritual diagnosis as well as to the physical diagnosis through Pulse Reading.
So make your reservation noe by calling or texting Apu Adman Aghama at 09952467040 for Globe and Touch Mobile or 09208952599 for Sun, Smart and Talk N Text.
Registration Fee is Php 1,800.00 inclusive of Modules and Certificate.


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